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The Big Migration: Salon Hair Care Brands Populate Retailer Shelves

The global salon hair care market registers a compound annual growth of 3% since 2012. While the market continues to see healthy gains, the business of hair salons isn’t flourishing. With clients cutting down on the frequency of their salon visits in many key salon hair care markets, such as the United States, Russia, Germany, and France, sales of these products have shifted out of the professional arena into the general market

In most countries, hair stylists aren’t properly trained to be great salespeople and consider themselves more artists rather than shop assistants. On the other hand, salons often operate in a limited space and therefore they don’t have much room for retailing hair care products to their clients. Limited possibilities to grow sales through salons combined with the overall trend of more consumers shopping for products of all kinds online has resulted in more professional hair care marketers turning their focus to both online and brick-and-mortar stores to boost their sales.

This migration of brands from salons to retail has been very visible in the U.S. market. In this biggest salon hair care market in the world, salon sell-through drops significantly—by almost 8% in 2017—according to Kline PRO 2017 full-year data, yet sales to consumers of shampoos, conditioners, and hair styling products from professional brands are flourishing.

Sephora, Ulta, and Bluemercury all show double-digit hikes when it comes to sales of salon hair care products. Amazon has become a key online platform for legitimate salon products sales, especially with its platform, Salon & Spa, where professional brands can expand their presence. On the other hand, we see that smaller and bigger brands from different companies, such as Bumble and bumble, Oribe, Amika, and Drybar, experience great sales increase. They owe this mostly to their “multichannel” approach and expansion outside of salons.

In its new, soon-to-be-published report Professional Hair Care Retailing: Channel Analysis and Opportunities, Kline takes a closer look at the phenomenon of online and off-line professional product sales through retail channels. The report contains not only sales value and growth in such types of stores as specialty stores, online platforms, and beauty supply stores, but also contains detailed profiles of retail players that have been most active in welcoming professional brands on their shelves–whether virtual or real. In addition, our annual Salon Hair Care Global Series is currently in publication, covering actionable data and insights on the performance of a record-breaking number of countries. View coverage map>>

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