Skin Care Path to Purchase: Global Consumer Insights from Millennials to Boomers

The Changing Face of Skin Care: From Millennials to Boomers

Understanding why consumers choose one skin care approach over another or opt to purchase products from one venue over another is crucial for marketers in today’s complex environment with so many options. Complementing our long-running report series on the global at-home beauty devices and professional skin care markets, our research now turns to this current and imperative beauty topic with Skin Care Path to Purchase: Global Consumer Insights from Millennials to Boomers.

In the following interview, Karen Doskow, Kline’s Director of Consumer Products Practice, gives her perspective on why this new report is so unique to the market and how it can help marketers stand out in the challenging and busy world of skin care.

Karen, what can you tell us about this new report?

It is not just another standard report on skin care, but a multi-faceted consumer research piece that will provide key information on many different levels, including profiles of consumers who use at-home beauty devices versus those who buy topical products at retail or those who go to a dermatologist for skin care advice.

What do you mean by different levels?

There are three key ways our survey will be reported back to subscribers:

  • By the three leading age groupings: Millennials, Generation X, and Baby Boomers
  • By key skin care countries in Asia, Europe, and North America
  • By social sentiment

How does grouping results by age help marketers?

This information speaks to how skin care needs and preferences differ based on a woman’s stage of life. For example, we know that Millennials really love masks, but do we know what their unmet needs are? How about Baby Boomers and Generation X? What are their product preferences? Our research seeks to answer these questions, helping marketers better target the needs of different age groups.

Is the report name of “Path to Purchase” an important paradigm?

Yes! It is truly important because with so much talk about offline and online shopping it is necessary to understand, for example, how Millennials purchase skin care products. What influences their decision to use one venue over another? Would they buy from a doctor? What about Generation X consumers? Where do they buy? Do they channel hop or cross channel shop? Understanding the path to purchase is vital knowledge for every marketer of beauty products today.

I understand that there is a social sentiment analysis in this report. Why is that an important piece?

It’s about “listening in” on conversations that people are having about their skin, concerns, products, and, more importantly, harnessing these morsels into a matrix that is actionable for brand ambassadors. Something that is not just a sea of “likes,” tweets, and blogs, but actual offering insights and benchmarks that may lead a marketer to pursue a path they never thought of taking.

Is this report restricted to one region?

No, it is global like many of our skin care-related reports and broken down by key countries, such as France, Germany, the United Kingdom, China, South Korea, Japan, and the United States. There are so many nuances that exist between these countries that to approach this any other way would not make sense.

To learn more about this new report, please refer to Skin Care Path to Purchase: Global Consumer Insights from Millennials to Boomers. Leveraging our solid experience in the global skin care market, this outstanding consumer research survey will examine the influencing factors behind a consumer’s choice to use one method of skin care, such as an at-home beauty device versus a conventional topical treatment product.

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