Nutricosmetics and Natural OTCs

The Ever-growing Pursuit of Wellness Drives Both Nutricosmetics and Natural OTCs

Nutricosmetics, a concept of beauty from within, is becoming increasingly popular for beauty lovers across the world. Product offerings in various textures and forms promise to address skin concerns and help grow thicker, stronger nails and hair are offered by brands like Age Quencher, Moon Dust, and Kora Organics.

The benefits of glowing skin, wrinkle repair, boosting collagen, and hydration are no longer only found in topical creams and serums, but also incorporated into supplements and powders. Department stores, specialty retailers, mass players, and Internet sites alike are incorporating ingestible beauty products on their shelves. The key market drivers for nutricosmetics, new products, channels of distribution, and which brands are ahead of the curve will be analyzed in the upcoming Nutricosmetics: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities study.

The appeal of nutricosmetics resides in consumers’ ever-growing pursuit of wellness, which includes overall health and wellbeing, and is also driving consumers towards natural alternatives when it comes to treating and/or preventing minor health ailments, such as coughs/colds, and upset stomach. Consumer products that are naturally sourced or naturally positioned increasingly appeal to consumers’ desire to use products that are less processed or synthetic. Natural products are rapidly growing in most consumer products markets, and the over-the-counter (OTC) market is no exception. Many natural OTC products are positioned as preventive products to be used, for example, to boost immunity, maintain heart health, and stave off cognitive impairment. Most natural OTC products have plant-based ingredients or contain ingredients that are naturally found in the body. Products also boast product claims that include organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, and natural.

The U.S. market for natural OTC medicines has grown over 11%, driven by growing consumer awareness and interest in using these products. In a recent survey of American adult consumers conducted by Kline, 46% note they used natural OTCs both for the prevention of illness and to treat themselves when they are sick. Over time, the use of natural OTCs has increased with 50% of consumers indicating more usage now than one year ago. Kline is currently conducting research with consumers to understand their usage, attitudes, and perceptions of Natural OTCs, and this report will be published in September.

Kline’s upcoming Natural OTCs: Impact of Non-drug products on the U.S. OTC Market study provides a comprehensive market assessment of the non-drug products competing with traditional OTCs, including an analysis of the market’s size, consumer perceptions, and company profiles. This report will focus on major brands, companies, and consumer attitudes towards such products.



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