Professional Nail Care

The Global Professional Nail Care Market: Evolution and Future

Once a solid market with double-digit growth rates, the global professional nail care market has slowed down in recent years, registering growth of a little over 5% in 2015 and 2016 alike.

The revolutionizing gel polishes category was the major driver behind the professional nail care market from 2011-2013, aided by the nail polishes category. Although more expensive than regular nail polishes, gel polishes was the fastest-growing category due to its ability to provide long-lasting, chip-free color with ease of application due to their packaging in nail polish-like bottles. Companies continue to develop technologically advanced gels by bringing about improvements in formulations, setting methods, and the removal process.

The next revolution to hit the market was with the concept of long-wear nail polishes, combining the benefits of gels (longer wear, higher shine) and regular nail polishes (cures with natural light, thin layer), in 2014. Revlon’s CND is considered the pioneer of long-wear nail polishes with a presence since 2013, followed by an army of marketers entering the category over the course of the next two years. Some of those who thought it to be a short-lived trend adopted the strategy of developing top coats, which when applied over traditional nail polishes gave a similar result.

However, long-wear nail polishes gained more popularity than expected, and marketers who adopted the wait and watch method had to eventually introduce their own product lines to stay in the competition while sales in the nail polishes category plummeted due to the shift in consumers’ focus from traditional nail polish manicures to long-wear nail polish manicures. Long-wear nail polishes, a new category, has maintained steady robust growth over the past three years to become a mainstream category.

A trend that is making waves in the professional nail care market in 2017 is the return of acrylic dipping powder systems, although it is expected to be short-lived. Dipping systems that are long-lasting, lightweight, and have durability of up to four to six weeks are superior to traditional acrylics that only last up to three weeks. Marketers are introducing dipping powder systems in shades matching their nail polish and gel product lines, making them a better fit over acrylic nail enhancements.

As the market slows down, competition becomes tight, and local brands, big international players, and private-label products all compete to capture a share in this industry with some brands, such as Nubar, deciding to quit the game and others, such as CND, looking for ways to boost their presence globally.

The United States, the largest professional nail care market globally, remains the key playground where all types of brands compete. In the new edition of Professional Nail Care, we take a closer look at that exciting market with another volume dedicated to it.

Get our handy infographic on the Professional Nail Care Market Growth Trend.

Written by  Shivani Singh, Project Lead Kline Consumer, and Agnieszka Saintemarie, Industry Manager Kline Consumer

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