The Shine of the Hair Oils Market and the Straight Talk on Keratin-based Hair Smoothing

The Shine of the Hair Oils Market and the Straight Talk on Keratin-based Hair Smoothing

Helping you get ahead, our two most recently published global studies take a market-savvy look at particularly exciting segments of the salon hair care market: hair oils and keratin-based hair smoothing.

An in-depth review of both markets has revealed that few similarities can be found between the two, except perhaps one: a number of small, niche players specializing only in oils and oil-infused products or keratin-based straightening.

In the hair oils market, following Moroccanoil’s success, more brands are beginning to offer their own take on hair oil, including global leader L’Oréal with its Elixir Ultime from Kérastase and L’Oréal Professionnel’s Mythic Oil, with both being among the top selling hair oil products globally. This dominance contrasts with keratin straightening products where the market remains highly fragmented with few global leaders competing.

The dynamics of both markets are also different. In 2012, concern regarding formaldehyde within hair smoothing keratin-based formulations and modest penetration within most Asian markets crimped otherwise promising keratin-based smoothing product sales in 2012. However, with better education and marketing, as well as the launch of formaldehyde-free products such as Brazilian Blowout Zero, 2013 has seen this market pick up across several regions. Conversely, the hair oils category in 2012 saw six times more growth than the overall salon conditioners category! With new players entering the market and those already present expanding their product portfolios, the market hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down in 2013.

Another important distinction between the two markets is that hair oils are predominantly for take-home use whereas hair smoothing products tend to be for professional use only.

To find more about hair oils and hair smoothing products, check out our studies.

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