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Trends and Opportunities in Food Processing Cleaning Products Market

While smaller in size than jan/san or foodservice cleaning products, the market for food processing cleaning products tends to grow at a faster pace. Food processing cleaning products include those chemicals used to clean and sanitize food processing plants and agribusiness sites. Agribusiness refers to dairy farming, hog and pig farming, and poultry farming. The types of chemicals included in this segment are alkaline and acid cleaners and detergents, sanitizers, teat dips, hand care, caustic soda, conveyor lubricants, and direct food antimicrobials.

Some market characteristics in food processing cleaning products set this segment apart. For example, given that high levels of service are required there is a high proportion of direct sales to end users, although intermediaries are prevalent in agribusiness.  Also, there is high buyer loyalty in this market segment, with past research showing that nearly two out of three end users keep their chemical suppliers for five years or more.  Leading suppliers in this market include Ecolab, Diversey, DeLaval, and Zep/AFCO.  End-user decision makers at both the corporate and local levels have key input in the buying decision, and most successful chemical suppliers are those that employ both a strong national sales force and effective, attentive local service.  Key buying factors among end users of food processing cleaning chemicals include: 

  • Product performance and quality 
  • Food safety 
  • MSDS 
  • Help in complying with government regulations 
  • Confidence in the chemical company 
  • Worker safety 

We are now accepting charter subscribers to our seventh edition of Food Processing Cleaning Products. Proposed to launch in Fall 2018 and to be published in the second quarter of 2019, this comprehensive analysis of the market for food processing cleaning products used in industrial settings will include large-scale research with approximately 600 end users.  The study will provide 2018 sales and sales forecasts through 2023 and include insights on end users’ usage patterns, market trends, and sales and market share of leading suppliers.  End-use segments to be surveyed include: 

  • Baking 
  • Beverage processing 
  • Dairy farms 
  • Dairy processing plants 
  • Egg processing plants 
  • Hog and poultry farms 
  • Meat and poultry processing plants 
  • Processed foods 
  • Miscellaneous food processing 

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