Covid has increased demand for cleaning and sanitizing products

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Covid has increased demand for cleaning and sanitizing products

The pandemic has increased demand for cleaning and sanitizing products, positively affecting and changing the industry of HI&I ingredients. ​

Demand for cleaning products in the household sector started to skyrocket in March and April, and the following months remained high, with some categories—such as disinfectants and bleaches—increasing by more than 50% year-over-year. ​

New product categories, such as vegetable cleaners to disinfect vegetables and disinfection sprays to quickly disinfect any surface, emerged.​

Sales of professional disinfectants, sanitizers, and hand care products have surged tremendously in 2020 and are expected to continue having high growth in the near future as more facilities are fully reopened. ​

The trend toward green ingredients has been partially left behind as ingredients claiming to combat pathogens grew in demand despite concerns about the harm they can cause humans and the environment. Those ingredients include quats, which are in disinfectants; quats in EU had a demand increase of at least 50%. ​

The shift toward milder antimicrobials, as the segment was increasingly coming under regulatory pressure, has slowed. Consumers are more concerned about COVID-19 and want effective chemicals that can kill the virus than they are concerned about the skin irritation antimicrobials may cause. ​

The pandemic is driving unprecedented consumer concern about the safety and cleanliness of the vehicles they own, buy, rent, repair, or share. Seeing an opportunity in the space, Shell Lubricants US and Turtle Wax Inc. are joining forces to launch a total vehicle hygiene company that is focused exclusively on the auto industry.

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