impact of Covid 19 on industries and business

[TREND 1] Why a Sustainability, Technology, Innovation, and Health Theme?​

impact of Covid 19 on business, technologies, industry

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change was the most pressing challenge of our time. Sustainability will gain more momentum in the aftermath of the crisis. ​

This pandemic revealed the gaps and pressing need to speed up the deployment of a digital economy and smart technologies. When implemented on a meaningful scale, digital innovation brings multiple benefits, from manufacturing efficiency and better safety and security of supply to supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy. ​

Technological innovation will create new ecosystems in key markets like the automotive and manufacturing industries. More connected (ICT: information and communication technologies), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and green mobility modes are anticipated. Wider deployment of 5G will accelerate this trend.​

Diversification is a term that could characterize this transition period. This includes the diversification of supply chains, energy resources, modalities of mobility, and industrial processes.​

The concept of healthy living, which promotes healthy diet, organic foods and supplements, clean beauty, exercise, and management of stress, is gaining ground during the pandemic as consumers seek ways to stay healthy. ​

Let’s look at how these trends and initiatives will come together to help us "rebuild better" post-COVID-19 and how this same intent manifests itself in the industries Kline has been tracking for more than over 60 years. ​

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