Natural and organic beauty market

[TREND 17] Transition to Clean Beauty and Vegan Cosmetics

Natural and organic beauty market

Historically, brands that are truly natural and organic have collectively outpaced the growth of ones that are simply “nature inspired” (i.e., those that have a natural positioning but are formulated mainly with synthetic ingredients). However, the nature-inspired sector is now poised to outperform the rest of the market for the first time, thanks to the rise of clean beauty. ​

Consumers seem to care less about if the ingredients are natural or not and instead care more about where those ingredients come from and whether or not they are safe. And, more than ever, they expect the brands they buy to stand for something.​

Some of the most successful brands and retailers of late are those that have clean formulations, i.e., those that are mindfully created and produced without the use of potentially harmful ingredients. This has evolved to adjacent themes grounded in sustainability and ethical sourcing. One key theme that gained prominence in 2020 is vegan cosmetics, which takes being cruelty-free to the next level by not only never testing products on animals but also creating formulations that do not contain any animal-derived ingredients such as honey, collagen, or lanolin.

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