[TREND 20] Indies Disrupting Beauty and Food & Beverages Industries

Indie brands such as WLDKAT, PAPR Cosmetics, and Ojook continue to enter the beauty market, often focusing on niche, underserved categories such as deodorants and oral or body care. These categories play into the wellness trend that is rising as a result of an increased focus on self-care during the pandemic.​

The indie beauty market, in general, has leveraged the Internet to best reach the consumer. While recent years showcased the importance of using brick-and-mortar to scale, the COVID-19 pandemic proved that brands valuing safety and community were reigning supreme in the market. By identifying the key places to connect with their target market, either through social listening, Zoom calls, or even SMS marketing, indie brands have worked harder than ever to reach the consumer and create relationships.​

Moreover, indie brands that continue to resonate with consumers often have strong brand identities focused on initiatives. These include sustainability, clean ingredients, transparency, cheeky slogans, and body positivity. In the food and nutrition industry, indie brands that promote health and claim to boost immunity are in demand due to the pandemic. Beyond this, food indies lead the way through unique brand positioning, innovative products, sustainable packaging, and distribution expansion; as a result, they are witnessing strong double- and triple-digit growth.​

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