[TREND 22] Intimate Beauty Brands to Witness Huge Potential

At one time, the topic of intimate beauty was considered taboo, and products were limited to mass retail aisles. However, the U.S. market started to gain significant momentum in the last few years, and now, against the pandemic backdrop, intimate beauty products are expected to record a 13% increase in 2020. At the heart of this fast-growing market is the wellness movement, as well as trends such as female empowerment and influences from premium skin care. ​

Intimate care marketers, which transitioned into the beauty realm in the last two years, have increased their digital focus to keep consumers engaged with their brands and explore the topic of feminine hygiene and wellness during quarantine. Moreover, many marketers have included physicians in their digital initiatives to add professional expertise to the conversation. In addition, heritage players with deep roots in this market are now updating their legacy brands to remain relevant at a time when consumers are more open to using intimate beauty products than ever before.​

The retail sales of intimate beauty care products are forecast to increase by a robust 7% over the following five years. Education will play a key role in the market development, as will the shift to cleaner and greener hygiene. New players are expected to enter this space, while millennials and Gen Z are expected to impact sales on new levels.​

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