[TREND 23] Personalization Shakes Up Nutritional Supplements

American consumers are increasingly using personalized subscription services for clothing, beauty products, and meal kits—and now, for vitamins and nutritional supplements. The entry of several key marketers such as The Vitamin Shoppe and Nestlé Health Science has further added interest in personalized supplements. In a category worth more than $10 billion—with as much as 75% of the population regularly consuming supplements—the sheer number of available products and brands can be confusing. That’s why personalization makes sense, as it helps consumers navigate a somewhat perplexing category. ​

Companies like Persona Nutrition, Curos, Vitamin Lab, and Care/of offer personalized supplements to consumers, taking health assessments into account. Some will take the results of DNA tests that consumers may have previously done for heritage and ancestry services, combined with a health questionnaire on lifestyle, diet, activity levels, health issues, and health goals, to make suggestions on which supplements are best for that person.

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