Clean labels in Food & Beverages

[TREND 27] The Rise of Clean-Label in Food & Beverages

Clean labels in Food & Beverages

An increasing number of consumers opt for food and beverage products that they perceive to be “clean” or “natural.” Gluten-free, non-GMO, no artificial colors, organic, grass-fed, and preservative-free are claims consumers pay attention to in their quest for cleaner, greener living.​

Approximately 58% of millennials consider buying clean and natural products as essential and very important, while only 45% of Gen Z and 42% of Boomers feel this way. There is a rising demand for clean label in response to COVID-19, and retailers are catering to the increasing demand of consumers.​

The top two ingredients that consumers tend to avoid are sugar and corn syrup. Older respondents were more likely to avoid sugar than younger respondents. Clean label ingredients constitute 7%-10% of the total market for food ingredients in the United States. Key drivers for the growth of clean-label ingredients are new clean label product launches and health-associated issues related to artificial and synthetic food ingredients.​

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