Retailing professional hair care products

[TREND 28] Independent Stylists Become a Force

Retailing professional hair care products

Independent hair stylists have been already a strong focus group for many marketers before COVID-19 impacted salon hair care markets across the globe. In 2019, the number of independent stylists across key markets had shown growth ranging from 4% in countries like France or Canada to double-digit increases in Brazil and Russia. The year 2020 brought strong growth to this market segment. Pre-pandemic, the most common place where independents provided services was clients’ homes, accounting for more than 40% of overall time spent by stylists. This is likely to increase with restrictions related to regular salon functioning.​

Independent hair stylists are also playing a key role when it comes to retailing professional hair care products. In fact, their sales are growing, while those of salons are declining. Revenue from haircutting and styling are similar between independent stylists and salons, representing almost half of revenue. The contrast is evident when it comes to services that are profitable for salons and rely heavily on education and a stylist’s technical skills. Coloring, perming, and relaxing services, collectively, account for a much higher share of independent stylists’ revenues than hair-salon revenue.

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