Unmasking Opportunities in Facial Skin Care at Cosmoprof

Unmasking Opportunities in Facial Skin Care at Cosmoprof

Walking through the aisles of the exhibition hall at Cosmoprof North America, it was clear that the K-Beauty trend, specifically the trend of facial sheet masks, continues to be in full swing. Sales of Korean beauty products in the United States grew almost 30% in 2016, as reported in our K-Beauty: Riding the Wave in the United States study. The category is well known for its affordable luxury proposition and has inspired a variety of new anti-aging and hydration masks in the United States. At the show, there was no shortage of facial skin masks, many with new innovations in format, texture, and delivery.

Facial Simplified had models wearing its metallic silver and gold facial sheet masks, promising that glowing and dewy skin starts with the masks. Pure Radiance also showcased a variety of different facial sheet masks, including a premium gold hydrogel mask. Hydrogel reportedly reacts to body temperature to help absorb the mask’s ingredients into the skin better.

Facial Simplified Models Wearing Masks

Facial Simplified Models Wearing Masks

Pure Radiance - Premium Gold Hydrogel Mask

Pure Radiance – Premium Gold Hydrogel Mask

In fact, better ingredient absorption seems to have been a main theme around masks this year. Facial sheet masks are colliding with the beauty devices world to ensure that consumers are getting the maximum benefits out of their facial sheet masks when it comes to ingredient absorption. Insung Information Company exhibited its Deep Skin Ionic Skin Care System facial sheet mask, which is attached through an electrode cable to a main unit. This system creates a needle-free ionic injection that pushes ingredients into the skin through microcurrents.

Microcurrent technology is one of the fastest-growing technologies in the beauty devices world, as reported in our most recent Beauty Devices study. If this new device is indicative of new applications for microcurrent technology, we will continue to see new similar entrants into this market.

Another maximum-absorption mask with a unique delivery system is Alps Cosmetics’ heat mask. The mask maintains a high temperature of 65°C until it turns completely solid in about 5 to 10 minutes. The company claims that the product increases the absorption of a consumer’s facial skincare by 10-15 times.

Alps Cosmetics’ Heat Mask

Alps Cosmetics’ Heat Mask

Purederm featured its bubble masks, one made with volcanic ingredients and another that is charcoal-based, both of which promise to detoxify and hydrate the skin with foaming action. We had already seen bubble masks trending among social media influencers, as the bubbling action is highly demonstrable and sharable.puredermmasks

Purederm Bubble Mask with Volcanic Ingredients

On the natural front, Orgaid showcased its organic sheet masks, while Feather & Bone presented its new, unique offering to the industry—a three-ingredient, travel-easy facial cleanser in tablet format.


Organic Sheet Masks by Orgaid

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