Exploring the Global Biopesticides Boom

November 16, 2022

Biopesticides are a game-changer in the agrochemicals industry, making farming safer and greener. The demand for such products continues to soar globally due to stricter regulations on chemical residues and consumers’ increasing interest in organic products. Which technologies, products, and companies are at the forefront?

Watch this webinar, covering select insights from our just-published Global Biopesticides: An Overview of Natural Pesticides report, to learn about:

  • A global perspective on the industry and the outlook for the next five years
  • The adoption of biopesticides across 15 different countries ― from economically developed countries to newly industrialized nations
  • The leading crops, main active ingredients, new technologies, and future dynamics


Aneesa Moolla

Project Manager,
Agrochemicals Practice

Frances Davidson

Senior Account Manager

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