The U.S. market for Industrial and Institutional Wipes

What’s Driving Growth in the Industrial and Institutional Wipes Market?

The industrial and institutional cleaning wipes market presents opportunities for companies to tap into this growing segment. All major end-use segments are expected to increase consumption of wipes, reflecting the need for superior cleaning products and to maintain clean and healthy facilities. The ease of use and convenience that wipes offer end users will contribute to future growth across all end-use segments, largely for general-purpose wipes. End-use segments, such as healthcare facilities, food service, and schools and universities, will continue to emphasize the importance of clean surfaces and hands in order to minimize germs and illness at their facilities. Wipes are expected to play a key role in this goal.

Suppliers may target a specific product class or have broader market capabilities. Clorox is the market leader in all the end-use segments, and the company is expected to remain the leader through expansion of its end users and by offering innovative new wipes. Companies like Reckitt Benckiser Professional and Kimberly-Clark Professional will seek to take some market share from Clorox by offering products specific to various end users, although small and marginal players hope to gain significant share of the wipes market. Acquisitions and mergers could influence the market dynamics and category sales. Some of the leading suppliers, notably weak in key product groups, may look at avenues to acquire companies with strong positions in those areas.

Warehouse clubs are significant channel intermediaries, undercutting distributors’ pricing on many products, but still selling primarily to smaller customers. The channel will not transform channel dynamics, but might alter the platforms of delivery, credit, and service. Industrial facilities, small businesses, retail outlets, and recreational facilities tend to buy wipes more often from warehouse clubs than any other distribution channel. Some of these facilities would likely replace industrial cleaning wipes for consumer brand wipes, which would not only serve their immediate cleaning needs but also cost less.

Other than products being effective and efficient, safety is a preoccupying concern to end users for their own staff, as well as for their guests and visitors. Suppliers can help customers to address the onerous cost of liability insurance.

Environmental awareness remains a preoccupying theme in the industry, along with the marketing of environmental lines. Many end users want green products, but at a cost-neutral price. The sustainability and feasibility of the disposal of wastes are also of concern.

Learn about the latest developments in this growing market segment from Kline’s upcoming second edition of our Industrial and Institutional Wipes USA: Market Analysis and Opportunities study. Based on over 500 end user surveys and over 40 in-depth interviews of suppliers and distributors, this study provides comprehensive market insights, data, and analysis of the market for disposable industrial and institutional cleaning wipes. The study addresses both wet wets and dry wipers used to clean, disinfect, sanitize, dust, and maintain the overall appearance of commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities. Contact us for more information.

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