Where Fertile Minds and Natural Markets Meet

Where Fertile Minds and Natural Markets Meet

Berlin, arguably one of the world’s trendsetting capitals, is hosting the Natural Cosmetics Conference through this week. Kline has been invited to participate in the keynote session Growing Core Markets and their Potential encompassing issues including:

  • Consumers: What are their buying motives?
  • Brands: Natural vs. natural-inspired vs. certified?
  • Potential: What moves the markets?

The conference will see industry experts assay the nuances and consequences of the segment’s developments, in seminars covering issues including winning natural concepts, certifications, retailing, searching for new customers, and other critical aspects. Kline will elaborate upon the trends steering and fueling this $26 billion dollar market, assessing the natural characteristics common to different regions in addition to a holistic perspective.

Although the maturing markets of the United States and Europe account for almost 40% of the global natural personal care market and are somewhat similar in terms of growth and development, both are distinctly different as market leaders vary from region to region. Moreover, within Europe, the dynamics of the naturals market varies significantly between countries.

The two biggest markets in Europe, Germany and France, differ substantially when it comes to their growth drivers. While Germany is fueled by affordable private labels and awareness-boosting initiatives from market leaders, France is driven by the great diversity of brands and channels. The trendiest products with the European consumers are hair care oils, organic BB creams, and DIY products.

The naturals market in the United States has grown at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 10.0% since 2006, with the defined industry trends such as new product launches improving efficacy, brands increasingly positioning themselves as truly natural, major marketers strengthening in the natural segment, and the weaker economy affecting the market.

For more information about this segment, meet us at the Natural Cosmetics Conference in Berlin where Kline’s Project Manager, Agnieszka Saintemarie, along with Kline’s India office Director, Ali Khan, will be presenting on Global Natural Personal Care Market Trends. You can also take a look at our renowned report Natural Personal Care: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities.

Looking for market data to go along with this exciting consumer research? Kline’s Inside the Minds of Natural Consumers: Consumer Insights of Natural Home and Personal Care Products will provide must-have consumer insights that go beyond what has been done in the past on this topic to help industry professionals understand what consumers think about the labels and the concepts behind them.  While companies may already have a grasp of what the “fully green” consumers like and want, there is a wealth of opportunity in the other segments of the population, such as the “partially green” and “not-yet-green” consumers.


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