Industrial and Institutional Cleaning Wipes USA

Wipes Important to I&I Users, but Brand Loyalty Low

Industrial and institutional cleaning wipes are important to end users, such as healthcare facilities, schools, industrial facilities, foodservice, fitness facilities, and small businesses, and are being used for half or more of all cleaning tasks performed on premises, reveals our soon-to-be-published Industrial and Institutional Wipes USA: Market Analysis and Opportunities report.

Most end users who responded to our survey are pleased with I&I cleaning wipes, and 97% of them say they are either very satisfied or satisfied with them. Schools are particularly heavy users of wipes with more than half them using wipes in primary schools (grades K-12). Nearly half of the schools that participated in our survey note that wipes are used for personal hygiene, indicating that they are often a first line of defense to protect children from illness and the spread of germs.

Many users indicate that wipes are used for specific cleaning tasks and often on small areas or when quick touch-ups are required. Others say that they offer wipes as a courtesy for their customers including fitness facilities and food services. When asked to rate the importance of several purchase factors considered in the process of buying wipes, wipe efficacy, convenience, and worker safety were among the highest rated purchase factors. Other factors considered important by end users when purchasing wipes are the type and number of germs killed, the ability to use wipes on multiple surfaces, and durability.

Although important to most I&I end users, loyalty to specific wipe brands is low, and these are viewed as commodities rather than specialized brands. Less than one-third of the survey respondents note that the brand name of wipes is either extremely or very important as a purchase factor when buying wipes. More than half of the respondents also say that they would simply choose an alternate brand of wipes if their distributor stopped carrying their preferred brand.

To learn more about wipes in the United States, refer to our upcoming Industrial and Institutional Wipes USA: Market Analysis and Opportunities. Focusing on key trends, changes, challenges, and business opportunities, this report will provide you with a thorough assessment of the U.S. market for I&I disposable wipes. It will help you understand how end users purchase and use such products, the role of cleaning contractors, regulatory impacts, and the competitive landscape in this industry. The information in the report is obtained through extensive primary research conducted with suppliers, distributors, end users, regulators, and industry associations.

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