Sustainability Consulting Services

The pursuit of sustainability is a fundamental requirement for business viability. Companies are looking for pragmatic and impactful ways to implement their sustainability strategies and commercial practices to meet, if not exceed, regulatory requirements and to satisfy investors, customers, and their own employees. Kline can help bridge the gap between complex and fast-evolving megatrends and the daily decision-making of marketing, sales, and strategy teams. This enables clients to translate broader sustainability goals into specific initiatives and actions. We separate the noise from facts and help clients navigate the rapidly expanding scope of competing solutions.

Sustainability Solutions

Best Practices Research

We track and develop insights from multiple industries to expand the horizon of thinking and uncover opportunities for cross-industry partnerships.

Marketing & Strategy Support

We work with clients to help translate sustainability actions and goals into value-added products and services.

Industry & Association Partnerships

We work with industry associations and partners to define metrics and develop a common framework for industry performance versus sustainability goals.