Aquarelle Lips, Ombré Brows, and Cat Eyes—All Compliments of Permanent Makeup

Social media’s latest trend is permanent makeup, as professionals and consumers alike show off the long-lasting results and various services available. Kline’s upcoming Permanent Makeup: U.S. Market Brief study forecasts strong growth in the segment, largely driven by influencers on social platforms but also supported by innovative servicesan increasing number of estheticians, and a surge in independent technicians undergoing training to offer these services.  

Permanent eye makeup services, such as microblading and eyelash extensions, are the most popular procedures, according to a recent survey Kline conducted with professionals this month. Ombré shading, a key trend in brow microblading for 2019, has now given way to microfeathering and nanoblading 

Procedures are beginning to expand beyond the eyes and onto the face and lips. Ombré shading, which saw its roots in brows, has become a popular technique for lips and is now popular permanent makeup service.  According to the same survey, facial services, micropigmentation, and BB Glow are surging in popularity as consumers seek radiant, even skin. 

A Range of Permanent Makeup Services 

As these procedures are on the rise, according to the preliminary results of our survey, conventional makeup will continue to be challenged, as consumers seek ways to minimize their daily routines.   

Our upcoming Permanent Makeup: U.S. Market Brief report will assess the current market dynamics,  available products, marketing channels, and outlook for the permanent makeup market, including services such as microblading, micropigmentation for eye/lip, and BB Glow treatment/semi-permanent face makeup. The report will also provide a better understanding of the existing challenges that exist and analyze future opportunities.  

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