2023 Trends: What's Next in the I&I Cleaning Industry?

As we flip the calendar to 2023, the professional cleaning industry is facing an uncertain outlook due to a challenging economic landscape. In this highlights report, Kline is sharing insights and predictions about the years ahead. Download your copy to find out which trends are likely to shape the industry going forward: 

1. Inflation Changing Professional Cleaning Users’ Buying Habits 

End users are paying more for the same volume of cleaning chemicals than they were only one or two years ago.  

2. Labor-Saving Products and Tools Rising in Popularity 

In our recent survey, 57% agree that it is more difficult now to attract and retain employees than it was before the pandemic.   

3. Facilities Turning Toward Automated Solutions to Improve Cleaning Efficiency 

Internet of Things (IoT) is being used to monitor chemical and water usage in dispensers, observe the health of crucial machines such as laundry or warewash machines, or check when it is time to refill paper/soap dispensers in the washroom.  

4. Green Cleaning Remaining Front and Center in the Professional Segment 

End users are interested in using more concentrated formulas, products with fewer perfumes and dyes, and those that come in recycled content packaging or use less plastic in their packaging.  

5. Changes in Flooring Shifting Demand for Cleaning Products 

Our survey with more than 1,000 end users found that 24% of these intend to make changes over the next three years.  

Kline is uniquely positioned to deliver forward-looking, data-driven insights and strategies in the professional cleaning industry. We harness the power of our industry expertise with advanced skillsets and AI tools to bring more certainty to the future. Learn more about our predictive insights and forecasting solutions. 

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