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Traditionally, U.S. salons purchased their supplies directly from manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers. However, the landscape has evolved, offering various avenues for obtaining professional hair care products.

Notably, our recent survey—conducted with hundreds of salon owners, managers, and stylists responsible for purchasing decisions—reveals a notable shift: Nearly 20% of all purchases now occur through e-commerce platforms, with the Amazon Professional Beauty store commanding a significant share. What further shifts are reshaping salons' purchasing behavior?

Drawing upon key insights from our recently published Salon Purchase Channels USA survey, this highlights report shares quick findings on salons’:

  • Frequency of purchases: Explore how often salons replenish their stock
  • Brand preferences: Uncover the top brands favored by salons, and understand the driving factors behind their selections
  • Product sales: Gain insights into key factors motivating salons to sell more products to their clients
  • Communication channels: Find out where salons predominantly engage with their clientele
  • Revenue forecast: Explore the outlook for salons in terms of their revenue expectations
  • Top challenges: Identify the primary concerns confronting salons

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