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Industrial Revolution Reboot

With an industrial world now driven by digital technology, AI, robotics, and more, the drive for change for industrial competitors is critical to remaining relevant. Whether this means redefining their product offering, business practices, and/or type of human expertise needed, change of some sort is inevitable to avoid obsolescence. In our core Industrial & Institutional (I&I) Cleaning Products sector, illustrative changes are evident such as smart dispensers to optimize product consumption, and use of robotics, IoT, and QR codes that can be scanned by cleaning staff as part of the work process.

Sustainability remains at the forefront with continued pressure on all industry participants to reduce their carbon footprint. For manufacturers of I&I cleaning products, demand continues for green products with plant-based ingredients, and ultra- concentrated products to use less packaging. For all,
products and practices that minimize water use and lower carbon emissions are priorities.

Our Expertise

Kline has experience across numerous categories, typically those that fall outside of our Chemicals practice. We leverage our knowledge of adjacent spaces, use our fundamental market intelligence skills, and tap into our industry expert network to deliver projects in these often very “niche” areas. The exception however is our deep expertise in Industrial & Institutional Cleaning Products, a legacy Kline practice that extends from ingredients to finished products and services.

Consulting Experience

Examples of our consulting experience are provided below. Please contact us to learn more about our project work and capabilities.

Industrial Goods & Services

  • Market intelligence: assessment of the N. American market for modified bitumen membranes
  • Market intelligence: professional batteries for medical devices
  • Market intelligence: professional battery distribution in China
  • Manufacturing & supply chain: assessment of the India market for thermal oxidizers burner flare
  • Strategy support: MRO chemicals market analysis
  • Market intelligence: analysis of leading power pack suppliers
  • Market intelligence: US market for ground monitoring systems
  • Strategy support: assess and define strategy for participation in e-commerce packaging
  • Market intelligence: assessment of passive fire protection systems in US, Europe, and SE Asia
  • Market intelligence: market entry potential in pipes, valves, and fittings
  • Market intelligence: assessment of a competitive paint manufacturer in China
  • Strategy support: how to grow in the US  store fixtures market

I&I Cleaning Products

  • Strategy support: market entry strategy for core I&I sector
  • Market intelligence: impact of automation on custodial services
  • Strategy support: market entry strategy for specialty chemicals used in hard-surface cleaning and sanitizing and warewashing  in China.​
  • Market intelligence: competitive assessment of key I&I competitor in EMEA
  • Market intelligence: assessment of new products and services from US and Europe that could be imported into the Japanese market
  • Strategy support: client with strong position in the away from home market for paper products; support strategy to expand to hand care market in Europe
  • Strategy support: aid in assessing impact of European BPD regulation and how to best position client as a biocide supplier post BPD
  • Market intelligence: assessment of market opportunities in dilution and dispensing equipment in China

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