Floor Care Trends Revealed in New Kline Study

Kline’s first edition study Floor Care Pads and Tools: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities will be published this summer, and the report is based on extensive industry and end-user research. Structured surveys of over 500 cleaning professionals across 13 industry segments including building service contractors, healthcare, hospitality, foodservice, education, and retailers reveal key trends when it comes to floor cleaning and maintenance. End users were asked to report on usage patterns of floor pads, mop pads, cleaning carts, and other tools used to clean and/or maintain multiple floor surfaces including:

  • Resilient floors, such as vinyl composite tile (VCT), luxury vinyl, or laminate
  • Hard-surface floors including tile, terrazzo, marble, or stone
  • Concrete floors including both polished and unfinished
  • Wood floors

End users report regular use of mop pads, string mops, brooms, floor pads, dust pans, and cleaning carts. The usage of these products can have a significant impact on the usage of floor care chemicals. “In fact”, says Laura Mahecha, Kline’s I&I Industry Manager, “many end users say the use of floor finishes/coatings has been reduced or removed all together as a result of floor pad usage; however, this varies considerably by end-use segment and floor surface type.”

The research also focuses on the use of disposable mop pads versus re-launderable mop pads used in industrial and institutional settings. “Many commercial cleaning professionals indicate more usage of disposable mop pads. The overarching reasons cited are effectiveness and time-saving features of disposable mop pads,” says Mahecha. In addition to structured surveys of commercial cleaning end users, the research in the report is also built on extensive in-depth interviews conducted with manufacturers, distributors, and private labelers of floor pads, mop pads, and cleaning tools to understand major trends impacting the market.

The methodology for developing this analysis is the same as for Kline’s other I&I cleaning studies. Taking a two-pronged approach, Kline’s expert staff conducts in-depth interviews with suppliers, distributors, and industry analysts in order to develop a “top-down” perspective on the market. Simultaneously, Kline conducts structured surveys of 500 decision makers in key end-use segments that provide a “bottom-up” view of the market and help subscribers understand key issues, such as brand/manufacturer awareness, purchase channel trends, online buying, and changes in purchasing over time.

Key deliverables that are the focus of this study include: usage patterns, market trends, purchase factors, and reasons for usage of disposable versus re-usable floor pads and mop heads. This study is designed to be used as a companion report to Kline’s flagship Janitorial and Housekeeping Cleaning products where floor care cleaning chemicals are profiled in depth. For more information about our I&I cleaning reports, contact us.

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