Floor pad usage is impacting use of floor finish chemicals, new Kline study finds

As part of the research effort for Kline’s inaugural study on Floor Care Pads and Tools, more than 500 decision makers at commercial end uses were surveyed about usage of floor pads, mop pads, and cleaning tools. The sample includes commercial cleaning decision makers across healthcare, hospitality, foodservice, education, government and industrial facilities, and retailers. The most common floor surfaces found in these facilities are hard-surface floors including those made of marble, terrazzo, quarry tile, or stone, followed by concrete floors. The market segments with the highest percentage of hard-surface floors include restaurants, retailers, and schools. The market segments with the least amount of hard-surface floors include fitness facilities, industrial facilities, and extended care.

Mean Average % of Flooring Found at Respondent Locations

When asked how the usage of floor pads has impacted use of floor finish chemicals, most end users in all market segments indicate they have indeed reduced or eliminated their use. This varied by flooring type and market segment, but on average 33% of end users with hard surface floors, 52% of end users with concrete floors, 36% of end users with wood floors, and 35% of those with resilient floors are no longer using floor finish chemicals because they have substituted floor pads to keep floors clean and maintained.   Furthermore, from 26% to as high as 52% of end users note use of floor finish chemicals has been reduced as a result of floor pad usage, depending on the type of flooring they are cleaning. These trends are significant for producers of floor finish chemicals and also for those that make floor pads such as those used for floor burnishing, scrubbing, stripping, and scrubbing hard floors.

Floor Care Pads and Tools provides a full assessment of the market for floor care pads, mop pads, cleaning carts, and other tools used in industrial and institutional settings, including end users’ usage patterns, market trends, and sales and market share of the leading suppliers. This report is designed to be used as a companion report to Kline’s Janitorial and Housekeeping Cleaning Products study, in which floor care cleaning chemicals are profiled.  For more details, contact us.

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