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Food & Nutrition: Top 5 Picks for 2021

Consumers’ growing interest in improving their diets with nutritious food products continued to drive the global plant-based meat industry in 2021. They also focused on sustainability issues within the industry — a call to action that brands heard loud and clear. As a result, the food industry’s commitment to mitigating its impact on climate change has created new opportunities in the market  even while some eyebrows were raised when it came to the subject of cultured meat.   

Through the reports and consulting projects we completed during the year, we provided a steady stream of valuable insights and information from our experts. Here’s a closer look at our top five resources of 2021:  

1. The Five Toughest Competitors to Beat in the Plant-Based Meat Market

Beyond Meat went beyond expectations by creating the world’s first 100% plant-based burger. Impossible Foods followed closely behind with its flagship product, the Impossible BurgerWhich other producers are dominating the market, and how are they expanding? Read more

Forecast to 2024: The Global Plant-Based Meat Market

2. Forecast to 2024: The Global Plant-Based Meat Market 

Considering the significant number of investments taking place in the market, industry experts’ insights, and the revenue growth of the players, the plant-based meat market is projected to grow through 2024. Read more

Cultured Meat

3. What Is Cultured Meat – And Is Anyone Really Going to Eat It?

Did you know that lab-grown meat could lower greenhouse gas emissions by up to 96%? Yann Pencole, our Director of Consumer Products, explains all its pros – and a couple of cons. Read more

4. Nutraceutical Actives: What Manufacturers and Suppliers Need to Know

Americans and Europeans are trying to strengthen their immune systems more than ever, leading to the growth of immunity-booster actives. Discovewhich other factors are driving the market for nutraceutical actives in both regions. Read more

Navigating How U.S. Consumers Perceive “Clean” in Food and Beverages

5. Navigating How U.S. Consumers Perceive “Clean” in Food and Beverages

With the growing focus on “wellness” and well-being,” an increasing number of consumers are opting for food and beverage products that they perceive to be “clean” or “natural.” In this infographic, we reveal consumers views on clean labeling. Download infographic

If you’re looking for the latest market insights and data, be on the lookout for our reports here. 

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