Food safety and employee safety are crucial for foodservice cleaning product end users in Europe

Key market trends including control of foodborne illness, food safety, and strict regulations for sanitation are all drivers propelling growth of foodservice cleaning products in western Europe. Regulations increase cleaning frequency for end users but also encourage manufacturers to develop new products that protect human health and the environment. Food safety and prevention of foodborne illness are concerns for all end users but particularly those serving the public. These have led to improved sanitation practices and include higher cleaning standards, sanitizing of hands, sanitizing of dishes and other kitchen wares, and hygiene programs and training for employees.

Kline’s consulting staff has conducted extensive research on Foodservice Cleaning Products in Europe: Market Analysis and Opportunities in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom for the report that was published in September.

Overall, the foodservice cleaning products industry in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom is stable and growing moderately. General economic growth is reflected in all end-use segments except public-owned facilities, which have seen less growth than the private sector. During the past two years, several markets have emerged as powerhouses in the industry, balancing lower-performing segments and driving general growth. These high-growth areas are restaurants (fast-casual in particular) and lodging establishments.

Many end users agree that food safety compliance, employee safety, labor-saving devices, and environmentally safe/conscious cleaning are the most important issues they face. When asked which issues are most crucial for their businesses, cleaning professionals in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom indicate the following:

The trend toward ecological, greener, and more sustainable products is growing in the region, although chemical-based cleaning products are still the most used and maintain their level of demand. There is a slow shift in the needs of end users for environmentally conscious cleaning, which is strengthened by EU authorities and regulations that seek eco-sustainability and development of greener products. Eco features that resonate with end users in the region include sustainability, reducing energy consumption, and packaging with lower waste, along with products that are effective and safe for employees to use.

Budget cuts in the last two years have been significant within the public sector, with many end users such as government facilities reducing the frequency of cleaning and becoming increasingly cost-conscious. Price is often a decisive factor within these end-use segments, because the end users do not need above-average performance, and contracts are typically awarded to companies offering the best prices. Meanwhile, other end users, such as those in Hospitality, Restaurants, and Catering (HoReCa), have stricter hygiene requirements, particularly the large chains, and tend to give priority to performance rather than price, preferring higher quality and better service such as technical assistance.

In addition to insights and rich survey data from end users, other key deliverables from the report include a comprehensive assessment of market size, segmentation, and growth, and a focus on key trends, challenges, and business opportunities. The study focuses on usage patterns for warewash chemicals, hand care, and hard-surface cleaning chemicals used primarily in commercial kitchens, food preparation areas, dining areas, and public washrooms by contract caterers and cleaning professionals at facilities such as:
• Government offices and commercial office buildings
• Hospitals
• Lodging establishments
• Nursing homes
• Assisted living facilities
• Restaurants including fast-casual, full-service, quick serve, cafes, pubs, and bars
• Schools and universities

Learn more about the professional European cleaning market size, end-use segment share, supplier share, growth, trends, and opportunities with two Kline reports: Foodservice Cleaning Products Europe and Janitorial Cleaning Products in Europe, or contact us.

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