Foodservice Cleaning Products: Europe Market Analysis and Opportunities

Foodservice Cleaning Products: Europe Market Analysis and Opportunities

Base Year: 2018
To Be Published 3rd Quarter 2019
Forecasts to 2023
Regional Coverage: Western Europe

This report provides subscribers with a comprehensive assessment of the European market for foodservice cleaning chemicals. The report focuses on key trends, changes, challenges, and business opportunities. This analysis also helps subscribers understand how end users purchase and use such products, the role of cleaning contractors, regulatory impacts, and the competitive landscape in this industry.

This Report Helps Subscribers Understand:

  • Size the market by product, end use, and supplier
  • Assess current and future outlook for key product segments and end-use segments
  • Learn about end users’ needs and how they buy foodservice cleaning products
  • Analyze market distribution in Europe and emerging trends
  • Benchmark competitors with insightful profiles of key suppliers in the industry
  • Uncover future opportunities for growth

Report Contents


Executive Summary
Provides a regional European overview of foodservice cleaning market including market sizes of the three largest markets including: France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Analysis of market size, segmentation by product category, end-use segments, and companies and key findings and conclusions for the European region.

Country Reports
Provides an assessment of the foodservice cleaning market in each country shown in Table 1. Each includes analysis of market trends, market size, market segmentation by product category and end-use segments, leading suppliers, distribution channel analysis, and sales forecasts.

Product Category Profiles
For each category listed in Table 2, the following regional information is provided:

  • Trends in foodservice cleaning products
  • 2017 and 2018 sales by product form, supplier, and end-use segment
  • Leading suppliers and brands
  • Distribution channel analysis
  • Sales forecast through 2023

End-use Profiles
For each end-use segment shown in Table 3, the following regional information is provided:

  • Overview and structure of end-use segment
  • Trends in foodservice cleaning products
  • 2017 and 2018 sales of foodservice cleaning products
  • Preferred product forms
  • Distribution channel analysis
  • Major suppliers
  • Sales forecast through 2023

Supplier Profiles
For each company shown in Table 4, the following regional information is provided:

  • Overview of the business including location, number of employees, total revenues
  • Foodservice cleaning brands/lines
  • End-use segments where the company has a presence
  • How its foodservice cleaning products are sold and marketed to end users
  • Recent M&A activity
  • 2017 and 2018 sales estimates of foodservice cleaning products
  • Sales forecast through 2023
Table 1: Countries
United Kingdom
Table 2: Product Classes and Product Categories
Warewash chemicals (automated warewash detergents, dish machine sanitizers,
rinsing and drying aids, manual dishwashing detergents, and presoaks)
Janitorial cleaning products (floor cleaners, degreasers, general-purpose cleaners,
glass cleaners, lime scale removers, kitchen drain cleaners, oven and griddle
cleaners, sanitizers and bleaches, air fresheners and odor control products,
and other products)
Hand care (foam hand soaps, liquid hand soaps, bar soaps, hand sanitizers)
Table 3: End-use Segments
Contract caterers-a
Government offices and facilities and commercial office buildings
Nursing homes and assisted living facilities
Restaurants-b -Fast-casual -Full-service -Quick-serve
Schools and universities
a- Includes facility management companies that
operate foodservice areas and are responsible for
cleaning food preparation and foodservice areas
within other end-use facilities.
b- Includes cafes and restaurants serving alcoholic
beverages and food such as pubs and bars.
Table 4: Suppliers
Prodene Klint/GOJO
Dr. Schnell
Evans Vanodine
P&G Professional
Sutter Professional
Werner & Mertz Professional

Scope & Benefits

This report provides a thorough assessment of the European market for foodservice cleaning chemicals. The information in the report will be obtained through extensive primary research conducted in Europe with suppliers, distributors, end users, regulators, and industry associations. This study addresses formulated chemicals used to clean, disinfect, sanitize, and improve the overall cleanliness and appearance of the wares and surfaces of commercial and institutional kitchens. The study includes products consumed by commercial and industrial kitchens including volume purchased through retailers, but excludes household cleaners for consumer household use. The geographical scope includes France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Data is provided for 2017 and 2018 with forecasts made to 2023.


Kline & Company has been serving the industrial and institutional cleaners industry for nearly 60 years. Foodservice Cleaning Products in Europe: Market Analysis and Opportunities is a detailed assessment of foodservice cleaning products and the suppliers who offer them. Benefits for subscribers are summarized below:

  • Detailed analysis of the competitive terrain to help subscribers segment the market and identify sustainable niches in end-use segments and product categories.
  • A thorough examination of the marketing channel and key and emerging intermediaries to help subscribers formulate winning channel strategies.
  • Data-rich analysis of specific end-use segments and product categories to assist both market and strategic planners and brand and category managers.
  • Analysis of critical issues including food safety compliance, technology-enabled efficiency and automation, labor-saving devices, and minimum wage increases.

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