Foodservice Cleaning Products in Europe

Full-scale Research Underway with Cleaning Professionals in Europe

Kline has kicked off research with decision-makers and end users of commercial cleaning products used in kitchens in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Foodservice Cleaning Products in Europe will be published later this year and will provide a full market assessment, including sales by country, end-use segment, product class, and supplier. Products included in the scope are automatic and manual dishwashing products, hard-surface cleaners, and hand care products used in commercial kitchens and public washrooms.

Hundreds of interviews are being conducted with end use decision-makers at facilities, such as restaurants, healthcare, education, hospitality, government facilities, commercial office buildings, and cleaning contractors, to gauge spending, usage, and satisfaction with foodservice cleaning products. Channels of distribution, including online searching and purchasing, are also topics being explored. Business-critical issues, including food safety compliance, customer ratings, and reviews, such as “Scores on the Doors”, employee safety, waste reduction programs, dishwashing machine servicing and leasing programs, and technology-enabled appliances with smart features, are also examined.

In addition to structured surveys of end users, which deliver a bottom-up view of the market, Kline’s seasoned staff is also conducting in-depth interviews with suppliers and distributors in each country in the native language to understand the market at a more macro level. These discussions provide critical insights on key issues impacting the market, including sales, reasons for growth and declines, competition, regulations, general economic indicators, cleaning trends, and knowledgeable forecasts. This two-pronged approach means that subscribers are provided a comprehensive, objective market assessment with actionable recommendations and forecasts grounded in reality. For more information on how this research can help your company with strategic planning, please contact us.

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