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Head-to-Toe Wellness: Top 10 Best Research Resources

The wellness space has emerged in an exciting way, penetrating new market segments such as beauty, healthcare, and food & nutrition. Nowadays, wellness products can span the gamut from personal cleansing products, hand soaps, aromatherapy, and home fragrances to nutritional supplements, sleep aids, probiotics, and CBD. Our published studies in wellness show that all of these segments are seeing notable increases, ranging from 3% to an impressive 220% in 2020. As wellness is redefining these segments with new product positioningswe’ve compiled a list of our top 10 most valuable resources in this space:  


#1. Hand Sanitizers: From Stockpiling to FDA Warnings 

Consumers have shifted to hand sanitizers in the last few months as an adequate substitute for handwashing to protect themselves from COVID-19. Due to the unprecedented surge in demand, heritage players like Purell and Bath & Body Works are facing outof-stock issues, while a new wave of products has emerged courtesy of beauty companies large and small, including LVMH and Tan-Luxe. Read more>> 

#2Natural Beauty Around the Globe  

Naturals have flourished globally, with the segment now representing a more significant proportion of the cosmetics & toiletries market around the world. In both Brazil and China, the dominance of nature-inspired brands was a predominant factor for the segment’s growth, while in Europe and the United States, truly natural indies take center stage. Tune in to our webinar to understand the naturals movement around the world, along with its drawbacks, possibilities, and projections in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Access webinar recording>> 

#3. Nutritional Supplements Reach All-Time High 

Overall, the U.S. market for nutritional supplements is up nearly 15% so far in 2020 as consumers seek to protect their health with immune-enhancing products.  All segments of the market increased by double-digit growth rates, with particularly high gains for vitamins A, B12, C, D, iron, magnesium, and zinc, plus echinacea and elderberry. Watch video>> 

#4. Intimate Beauty Brands Lean on Professionals During Pandemic 

Intimate beauty was deemed a trend poised to shape the cosmetics and personal care industry this year. Now, with the unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak, consumers have prioritized essential items such as hand sanitizers, body cleansing products, and facial skin care. So what does this mean for intimate beauty care products as we make our way through 2020? Read more>> 

#5[PODCAST] Home Fragrance Sales Soar as Candles Become an Escape from Pandemic Times 

In this insightful podcast, Kline’s experts in the home fragrance industry discuss arising opportunities in the home fragrance market and the impact of COVID-19 on sales. Some of the key themes they touch upon are the importance of digital platforms, technology, and innovation to drive the market forward. Listen to podcast>> 

#6. [WEBINAR REPLAY] A 360-Degree Look at CBD in Beauty, Health & Wellness, and Food & Beverages Industries 

How is the market for cannabis unfolding in industries such as consumer healthcare, beauty, and food and beverages? Replay this webinar to learn about the latest regulatory updates, trends, successful brand stories, and predictions for this highly dynamic space.  Access webinar recording>> 

#7. Clean Label in Food and Beverages: Perception vs. Reality 

An increasing number of consumers opt for food and beverage products that they perceive to be “clean” or “natural.” Gluten-free, non-GMO, no artificial colors, organic, grass-fed, and preservative-free are claims consumers pay attention to in their quest for cleaner, greener living. But what does “clean” mean to consumers, and what labeling do they look at when perusing products? In which categories is clean label most prominent, and what are retailers doing to attract increasingly demanding consumers? Access webinar recording>> 

#8. Restless Americans Drive Double-Digit Gains in the Sleep Category 

The number of consumers suffering from sleeping disorders continues to grow, and quality sleep is a significant issue for many Americans. In fact, 75.0% of surveyed consumers indicate they have trouble falling asleep. Many use OTC sleep aids; combination OTC pain relievers and sleep aids; natural and herbal remedies; or sleep devices such as smart watches and sleep tracking apps, which posted 50% sales growth, to help them sleep. These market segments, however, are growing at very different rates. Read more>> 

#9. Who is the U.S. CBD Buyer? 

Learn about U.S. consumers’ attitudes and perceptions toward CBD for health and wellness products. What are their demographics, concerns, and beliefs? What are CBD’s perceived benefits and the obstacles it faces? Watch video>> 

#10. Digestive Health: A Strong Growth Category with Increased Consumer Awareness and Knowledge of Probiotic Benefits 

There is growing awareness of the connection between probiotics and immunity. Studies show that bacteria found in probiotics assist in the maturation of immune cells and help reduce undesirable bacteria in the body. More probiotics with immune-boosting claims are entering the category. Research continues to drive interest in probiotics and improved health. Read more>> 


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