Hot Tools Market Performance in 2020

Hot Tools Market: Belgium Sprints Ahead of France and the United Kingdom

Belgium’s hot tools market grew by almost 8% in 2020, driven by the exceptional e-commerce sales of L’Oréal and Dyson in the last quarter, according to Kline’s just-published Hot Tools: Market Analysis and Opportunities report. In contrast, the other two markets covered in our study – the United Kingdom and France – declined by 2% and 5%, respectively.

Straighteners dominated the market in all three countries analyzed, registering an increase in Belgium and declines in France and the United Kingdom. In Belgium, the segment’s resilience has mostly been driven by the strong performance of L’Oréal’s Steampod 3.0 and the introduction of Dyson’s Corrale. In the United Kingdom, the segment lost consumer interest in favor of curling irons/wands, which were extensively promoted on social media. In France, the curling irons/wands category registered the steepest decline of 10%.

Meanwhile, hot brushes is a small yet dynamic category to watch, showing positive performance in all the markets tracked. The category did exceptionally well in Belgium, where it recorded growth of 50%. Convenience, multifunctionality, and a relatively low price point are key factors driving its increase.


L’Oréal’s launch of Steampod 3.0 boosted sales in the straighteners category in Belgium and prevented the segment from further decline in France.


Dyson’s Corrale has quickly become popular among Belgian consumers, as it claims to offer more hair protection with its heat control feature.


MPL Home launched the Chopstick Styler, which features a rectangular barrel that the company claims creates longer-lasting styles.

The competitive landscape in France and Belgium was similar, with the leading five brands being L’Oreal Professionnel, Dyson, Remington, GHD, and BaByliss, although their ranking varied per market. In France, the leading brands collectively represented over 75% of total market sales in 2020, while in Belgium, they accounted for more than two-thirds. The landscape for the United Kingdom market was slightly different, with Revlon replacing L’Oreal Professionnel among the top five brands. The three leading brands in the United Kingdom market collectively accounted for more than half the market sales.

To learn more about the hot tools market in Belgium, France, and the United Kingdom, refer to our Hot Tools: Market Analysis and Opportunities report covering both the consumer and professional markets, with a focus on market size and growth, key trends and developments, competitive landscape, channel breakdowns, and the future of the industry.

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