Hot Tools

Hot Tools: Market Analysis and Opportunities

Base Year: 2020
Belgium and France Published: July 2021
United Kingdom Published: August 2021

Regional Coverage: Belgium, France, United Kingdom

A comprehensive assessment of the hot tools category in select European markets covering both the consumer and professional markets, this report focuses on market size and growth, key trends and developments, competitive landscape, channel breakdowns, and the future of the industry.  It is an extension of our Hair Tools and Appliances report, which provides coverage in the United States and Europe.


  • Powered hair tools and appliances including straighteners/flat irons, curling irons/wands, and hot brushes
  • Non-powered tools, such as brushes and scissors, are excluded
  • Includes a comprehensive analysis of brands intended for use in the professional as well as the consumer retail channel
  • Focus on three major markets: Belgium, France, and the United Kingdom

Report Contents

This three-volume series covers the below content for the markets listed in Table 1:


Market Overview

  • Market size and growth (2019 and 2020)
  • Key trends and developments
  • Sales breakdown by:
    • — Segment (listed in Table 2)
  • Competitive landscape (top 10 brands only)
    • — Sales by segment (select item examples listed for each brand)
  • Distribution channel landscape (listed in Table 3)
    • — Professional channel
    • — Retail channel
  • Marketing activities
  • Outlook to 2025
    • — Sales by segment
    • — Sales by distribution channel
Table 1.  Markets
United Kingdom​​


Table 2.  Segments
​Curling irons/wands​
Hot brushes
Straighteners (steam vs. non-steam)​
All other/multifunctional​


Table 3.  Distribution Channels
​Consumer Retail​

Report Benefits

This report will provide subscribers with an accurate picture of the market size, segmentation, and performance of the hot tools market in Belgium, France, and the United Kingdom. It will also help subscribers:

  • Understand the hot tools market based on various segments/functionality
  • Recognize the difference between trends of the professional channel and trends of the consumer retail channel
  • Forecast future sales and trends by segments and distribution channel

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