Hybrid Professional Hair Products Scale Up

Despite the world slowing down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, hair care consumers are still seeking that always-elusive goal: an easier, no-fuss maintenance routine. In responsemanufacturers have put extra emphasis on this space, recently introducing hybrid products that combine multiple forms or benefits in one product. 

Kline PROour U.S. salon retail products and services database, has picked up an increase in such productsSome of the newest and innovative amalgamations include items such as gel-mousse, oil-crème, spray-wax, wax-mousse, cream-gel, gel-serum, and shampoo-oil. Hybrid products are mostly seen in the hair styling products and sprays category but also have a presence in the other key categories like shampoos, conditioners, and treatments. Here are some of the leading products that are closely tracked in Kline PRO: 





While classified as a treatment in Kline PRO, this product also functions as a styling product. The oil provides reparative treatment while also acting as a styler to reduce frizz and add shine.  Consumers have taken to this product, which saw revenue climb 59.8% in 2020 over the previous year. 




The name itself says it all: It is a moisturizing product that can be used on hair and skin. Benefitting from the increased demand for products that provide moisturizing benefits, sales for this hybrid more than doubled (+111.6%) last year.  






This reparative conditioner is a combination of oil and cream. It is oil-infused to help detangle hair and give shine. As part of the increased demand for products that repair the hair, this item saw a revenue increase of 14.9% in 2020 vs. the previous year.




Positioned as a moisturizing conditioner, this product can be used in three different ways: as a daily rinse, as a leave-in, or as a co-wash. It first registered sales in Q3 2020 and saw sales increase 144.0% the following quarter.  






This men’s product can be used all over the body. Given the demand for general/multipurpose functionality in men’s products, it’s a top seller. 




R+Co markets a product that is in a paste format but can also be used as a shampoo. It has the unique feature of transforming into powder for more convenient application. As a dry shampoo, it absorbs oils and refreshes hair; as a paste, it gives texture to the hair. 


Hair styling products and sprays:  




Another combination of an aerosol spray but this time combined with dry powder to add volume while also finishing the style. 





This hybrid dispenses as mousse and applies as a gel, providing tremendous volume and texture.  




This is like a mousse with muscle.  The mousse is lightweight yet has properties of wax to give texture and shine to the hair without weighing it down 




This product is a fusion of three forms. It has a cream’s ease of application, gives texture like a paste, and holds the hair with a wax’s finishing abilityRevenue growth of 23.5% this past year indicates this item may have established a loyal following.  


Keep up with emerging product and service trends with help from Kline PROUpdated quarterly with transactional data from a nationally representative panel of salons, this database provides insights on salon retail sales at the category, brand, and product level as well as service revenues and counts. 

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