Personalized Beauty

Identifying the Customized Beauty Consumer

With an oversaturation of products and brands entering the market, the space for cosmetics and toiletries has become overwhelming. Marketers have recognized the need to cut through the confusion and are turning to personalization to speak directly to a consumer’s needs and wants. Our upcoming Personalized Beauty: U.S. Market Assessment and Opportunities report dives into the changing landscape of bespoke beauty and examines the different tactics marketers use to compete in this emerging market segment.

Quizzes are a common technique, used especially by new brands entering the space, to identify the profile and preferences of a consumer. Hairstory and Madison Reed are two brands with a defined list of products that highly encourage site visitors to take quizzes before purchasing or browsing products to ensure they receive the right product for their individual hair needs.

Beauty subscription service Ipsy also uses an in-depth quiz to create a profile for its monthly users. Members are asked their opinions on a variety of product types and color preferences, along with the frequency they wish to receive each product type, to ensure their curated box meets their expectations and desires.

Ipsy Quiz Screenshot

Other brands claim to completely customize the formula development process. Mxt, a newcomer to the market, allows consumers to create their own facial skin care formulas. After consumers create a profile, the development team will formulate a product to address skin concerns and goals, or customers can choose ingredients to formulate their own product.

Mxt Quiz Screenshot

Mxt Quiz Screenshot

Other categories in beauty are seeking to cash in on this prominent trend in beauty. Beauty devices featuring AI-technology help to bridge the gap between at-home beauty devices and professional aesthetic devices. Brands such as Clarisonic and Foreo use an app to diagnose skin issues and educate users on their skin type. These devices eliminate user error and misdiagnosis that can occur in other personalization profile quizzes.

Foreo Luna fofo Quiz Screenshot

Foreo Luna fofo

The upcoming 9thedition of Kline’s Beauty Devices: Market Analysis and Opportunities expects this trend will continue throughout 2019. The report will look into how the technological landscape is evolving by device type, what are the newest product offerings and their features, and how trends from South Korea and China are shaping the market in the United States.


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