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Beauty Devices Global Series

Regional Coverage: Asia (China, Japan, and South Korea), Australia, Europe, United States

Base Year: 2020
Published: December 2020 Mainland China and United States

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Base Year: 2021
To be Published: Q4 2021 Asia (China, Japan, and South Korea), Australia, Europe, United States

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A robust report on the performance of the global market for at-home beauty devices in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, this report focuses on market size and growth, opportunities, key skin care concerns, and the competitive landscape.


  • Covers non-invasive forms of at-home skin care that mimic results once only achieved in doctors’ offices, salons, and spas
  • Power-operated devices only
  • Includes beauty devices sold to consumers through all channels of distribution, including direct sales, mass, prestige, and professional outlets
  • Devices such as hair appliances and waxing equipment are excluded. Devices and appliances used by physicians and aestheticians in professional outlets are also excluded. Does not include hair re-growth devices.

Table of Contents

Global Market Overview 

This report provides an overview of the markets examined in terms of key lessons learned, sales, competition, regional difference, and opportunities. It is available only to subscribers of all six market reports.​

Content for each market report  listed in Table 1 is described below


Market Summary

  • Market size and growth (2020 and 2021)
  • Key trends and developments
  • Sales breakdown (2020 and 2021) by:
    • — Leading brands
    • — Skin care concern (listed in Table 2)
    • — Technology (listed in Table 3)
    • — Distribution channel (listed in Table 4)
  • Technology landscape
  • Competitive landscape with brand snapshots of leading and/or fast-growing marketers
  • Distribution channel landscape
  • Marketing activities
  • Outlook to 2026

Database Contents

Kline’s interactive database will provide:

  • Market size and growth (as listed in Table 1)
  • Market breakdown (2016-2021) by:
    • — Brand
    • — Company
    • — Skin care concern
    • — Technology
    • — Distribution channel
  • Outlook to 2026
Table 1: Volumes Offered
​​South Korea​
​​United States​​


Table 2:  Skin Care Concerns
​Acne elimination
​​Cellulite reduction and body firming/toning​
​​Hair removal​


Table 3: Technologies
​​LED light therapy​
​​Radio frequency​


Table 4: Distribution Channels
​Direct sales
​​Mass retailers​
​​Prestige/luxury retailers​
​​Professional (consumer sales)​

Table 5. Brands Covered
United States
Conair GloPro NuSkin (LumiSpa, Galvanic Spa) Silk'n
Cyden (SmoothSkin) Michael Todd Beauty PMD TRIA
Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Newa ReFa Trophy Skin
Foreo NuFace Remington Ziip Beauty
Cyden (SmoothSkin) K.Skin NuSkin (LumiSpa, Galvanic Spa) SKG
Dr. Arrivo MKS Olay TriPollar (Pollogen)
EndyMed Newa Panasonic Trophy Skin
Foreo Notime Philips (Lumea) Ulike
Jove NuFace ReFa Ya-Man

Report Benefits

This report will provide subscribers with an accurate picture of the market size, segmentation, and performance of the beauty devices markets in Australia, China, Europe, Japan, South Korea, and the United States. It will not contain in-depth details on Europe on a country level; however, estimated sales breakdowns will be provided by leading country, as well as brand leaders and directional distribution information. The report will also allow subscribers to:

  • Use it as a basis to identify where innovation is needed or where new product opportunities lie
  • Assess areas of growth based on at-home regimens being adopted by consumers
  • Learn about emerging fast growers as well as market leaders

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