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IG Official: Instagram Is the New Way to Sell Beauty Devices

Consumers are discovering beauty devices in a whole new way: on InstagramFrom live sessions to daily posts, IG has become a marketing goldmine for market leaders as well as newcomers 

Historically, educating consumers on the advantages of using at-home devices has been a challenge, but the COVID-19 pandemic has given way to the new form of informing/selling on Instagram. This can be seen in cornerstone brand NuFace and Vanity Planet, an online store for beauty products that also has brickandmortar presenceThe IG platform hits a bullseye in three waysIt’s engaging, it’s educating, and, most importantly, it encourages users to buy products (often with payment plans such as Affirm). 

Meanwhile, with pandemic-related store closures in the rear-view mirror and consumers returning to stores, brickandmortar will be spotlighting beauty devices, as we’ve already seen with Nordstrom during Mother’s Day and Blue Mercury offering more of these products. Still, we’re anxiously waiting to see if they will surface in bigger numbers this year. For its part, U.K.-born FaceGym  a chain with 10 studios that both sells products and offers an array of services to tone and tighten facial skin  is ramping up its offerings with a multitude of live oneonone sessions using its PureLift device.  

According to our Beauty Devices Global Series reportthe market may be able to top the 7.1% growth it saw in 2020. The report will address issues ranging from the role brickandmortar plays in 2021 to who the newcomers are and how they’re reaching consumers, plus how cornerstone brands such as NuSkin and NuFace are keeping ahead of the curve. We will also assess the category’s body toning/tightening products including NuFace Body and Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare’s new Spectralite Bodyware Pro. Individual volumes will be offered for Australia, China, Europe, Japan, South Korea, and the United States, topped by a global overview highlighting differences and opportunities.

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