[INFOGRAPHIC] Consumer Healthcare Outlook 2021

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the world’s economies, some consumer healthcare categories are faring better than others. Timely updates from our KlinePULSE Consumer Healthcare Industry Trends: U.S. Annual Subscriptions Service provide research findings on noteworthy category developments.  

One in-depth report examines the paradigm shift of consumer preference for disease prevention and maintaining wellness as opposed to disease treatment. The trend, which was emerging pre-COVID, has taken on more urgency due to the pandemic and now has impacts across many OTC categories. As a result, categories that enhance immunity and/or help with sleep, stress, or anxiety such as vitamins, herbal and mineral supplements, and probiotics are expected to see stronger-than-usual sales and growth.  

How can you best serve these fast-growing segments? Download our infographic, Consumer Healthcare Outlook 2021, as we share research findings based on insights from our Consumer Healthcare: COVID-19 Impacts and Observationswhitepaper, developed in collaboration with Information Resources, Inc. (IRI). 

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