Key Highlights From Bangkok International Hair Show 2024

Key Highlights From Bangkok International Hair Show 2024

The recent Bangkok International Hair Show 2024 underscores Thailand’s vibrant salon hair care industry, currently witnessing a digital revolution propelled by the surge of e-commerce and social selling. The event featured over 40 brands unveiling the latest in hair care products, salon equipment, and beauty items. Let’s explore key highlights from the event through the perspective of Yankita Garid, Researcher in our Beauty and Wellbeing sector:

Established Leaders and Emerging Innovators

Established industry leaders such as DCash, Berina, and Lolane, alongside emerging brands such as TU Perfect, Super V, and Farger, showcased their unique offerings. Notably, Super V introduced innovative hair care solutions including its repair cream and treatment, having color benefits. These emerging brands brought a wave of excitement to the salon hair care industry, reshaping the hair coloring category with fresh ideas and meeting the evolving needs of consumers.

More Natural and Organic Options

Demand for natural, vegan, and organic hair care products continues to be on the rise, and brands such as Framesi were at the forefront of this trend at the event. Local brands such as Lolane are also adapting to this shift and launching new ranges with a focus on organic and less chemical ingredients.

Sampling and Special Promotions

Top brands such as Pixxel and Dcash offered free samples to attendees upon the completion of detailed forms, thus facilitating valuable data collection on their preferences. Additionally, many brands offered significant discounts and promotions during the event.

Live Demos and Awards Recognition

The main stage took the spotlight as TU Perfect, XILDA, and BaByliss PRO, among other brands, presented live demonstrations of hair dyeing and styling techniques. Furthermore, it served as a platform for recognizing outstanding contributions to the industry, from the members of the Salon Association of Thailand to exceptional stylists and makeup artists.

For a deeper dive into the size, segmentation, and performance of the professional hair care market in Thailand and over 30 other markets, explore our Salon Hair Care Global Series. Featuring insights into categories, product types, and channels, key highlights of this year’s edition include the coverage of treatments as a category, advanced forecasting, and mid-year updates on the top 10 markets.

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