Key Market Developments that Drive Lubricant Markets for Two Wheelers

Two-wheelers are a popular means of transportation in developing countries because of their low ownership cost and fuel-efficiency. In the long term, two-wheeler market will continue to grow despite a temporary disruption in 2020 amid COVID-19 driven by access to credit and financing. E-commerce and bike taxis will also give a forward push to this market. However, some factors, such as the increasing electric two-wheeler population, restrictions on two-wheeler usage in China, a move toward cars in developing countries as a result of economic growth change the way the market develops.

Access this webinar to learn about:


• Demand for motorcycles, scooters, and mopeds oils with a five-year forecast and high-level demand
estimates for 2020
• Overview of viscosity grades and shifts to synthetics
• Recent developments related to electric two-wheelers
• Market trends, threats, and opportunities


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