Kline Kicks Off 10th Edition of Janitorial and Housekeeping Cleaning Products Study

We are pleased to announce that we’re starting research for our largest market study in the industrial and institutional cleaning products industry – Janitorial and Housekeeping Cleaning Products USA. This study incorporates detailed, structured research with over 1,000 end-use decision makers at building service contractors and in healthcare, hospitality, foodservice, education, government, commercial office buildings, industrial, retail, and transportation industries.  End users are surveyed about usage patterns, product form preferences, anticipated spending changes, purchase channels, critical buying factors, green cleaning, and other important trends impacting demand for cleaning products.

Additionally, the research includes in-depth discussions with chemical suppliers, private-label companies, distributors, trade groups, and others knowledgeable about the market.  Anyone interested in participating should contact Richard Wildanger, Senior Research Associate, at Richard.Wildanger@klinegroup.com.

This report provides a complete analysis of the market by product, end use, supplier, and distribution channels in the United States.  It will be published in June 2020 and features a written report and interactive online database.  The study covers floor care, hand care, hard-surface, odor control, carpet care, and air and fabric refresher products.  Also provided in the report are:

  • The current and future outlook for key product segments, including challenges in the floor care sector and emerging opportunities in hand care, odor control, and other segments
  • Current and future outlook for building service contractors, including penetration rates, purchases, and other key factors and trends
  • Analysis of acquisition activity, including a perspective on ways in which new ownership may change the competitive landscape and market dynamics

This report can be purchased in its entirety or in smaller sections, as is the case with all of Kline’s I&I Cleaning studies. If you have interest in learning more about how this study can help your organization prioritize opportunities, inform product development, and target new customers, please contact us or request a sample here.

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