Kline’s Top Energy Content of 2022

As sustainability continued to steer the energy industry, Kline explored more than a few markets that will receive a boost from the quest for a greener world (natural gas, EVs) – along with some that won’t (PAO, used oil). In addition, we reported on industry shifts caused by the year’s biggest conflict: the Russia-Ukraine war. Here’s a review of our most popular content from the year: 

Natural Gas Engine Oils: A Global Overview 

As governments across the world focus on environmental concerns, the adoption of natural gas as a key source of fuel to supplement solar and wind power has commenced. Find out what kind of NGEO is most in demand, how the Russian-Ukraine war will impact the market, and much more.  Watch webinar 

The Road Ahead for the Global Used Oil Market

Used oil supply is expected to top out as lubricant demand growth decreases due to electrification, among other factors. In this webinar, we discuss the future of the industry – and how the recycling of oil is becoming more imperative than ever. Watch webinar 

Sustainability: A New Opportunity for PAO 

Historically, polyalphaolefin (PAO) was the gold standard for automotive engine oil formulations, but its share in formulation has declined. In fact, there are hardly any mainstream engine oil marketers that pursue a formulation approach based on 100% use of PAO. What will happen to PAOs, and how will sustainability affect their future? Read blog 

Lubricants for Motorcycles, Scooters, and Mopeds: A Global Review

The booming e-commerce industry and e-aggregators that use two-wheelers for last-mile delivery and public transportation are driving MCO demand, but the transition to electric mobility will have a negative impact on the market. This webinar presents an unbiased appraisal of such opposing market trends and a comprehensive analysis of the global two-wheeler lubricants                                                                                                       market. Watch webinar 

Major Trends in Lubricants: How the Landscape is Shifting In Favor of ILMAs

This year’s ILMA Engage saw industry experts gather in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to share insights on the lubricants industry’s biggest trends. In this presentation, first offered at the event, we cover automotive engine oil, electrification, synthetics, and much more.  Download presentation 

India’s Electrifying Journey Toward EV Adoption

As sales of electric vehicles in India rapidly increase, we provide an update on EV manufacturing, charging infrastructure, battery swapping, government policies and subsidies, and acceptance by Indian consumers.  Read blog 

Why China’s Lubricants Market Is Headed Toward a 10-Year Dip

The lubricants market in China is on track for a 10-year downturn — volumetric declines that are unprecedented in the country. Here, we reveal the specific drivers and market trends/shifts/changes that can be traced back to these declines. Read blog 

Why the CARB Ban on ICE Vehicles Won’t Mark the End of Engine Oil Evolution

The California Air Resources Board — and areas following the Golden State’s footsteps — will likely ban new internal combustion engines (ICE) vehicles almost completely by 2035. But that doesn’t mean the end of engine oil evolution – find out why. Read blog 

The EU’s Emerging Power Generation Scenario 

The Russia-Ukraine war caused various EU governments to focus on their need to reduce dependency on Russian gas. The result:  the new REPowerEU plan. Discover how it could lead to new opportunities in green hydrogen, natural gas and wind energy. Read blog


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