Professional Nail Care

Nail Enhancements Run the Show Globally

Driven by the solid performance of the nail enhancements category, the professional nail care market continues to gain traction, with 2018 being the best-performing one in the past five years. Other factors contributing to its 8% growth in 2018 include increased emphasis on education and training, new and innovative products, digitalization, and beauty salons expanding their service menus.

Key Trends and Product Launches in the Global Professional Nail Care Market

Among the four categories—care products, gels, nail enhancements, and nail polishes—covered in our just-published Professional Nail Care: Global Market Brief report, nail enhancements is the best-performing category for the second-consecutive year. Driven by poly-acrylic gels and dipping powders, this category sees a sales increase of 26% according to our report. The trend for poly-acrylic gels, which began at the close of 2017 with Gelish paving the way with Polygel, is the key growth driving factor for the category in 2018. Poly-acrylic gels are making their impact far and wide with various new product lines, such as Entity Studio One, Christrio Sculpture Gel, Roby Nails AcryGel, LCN Fusion, and Alessandro AcryLove, Peggy Sage Gel Sculpt, and Orly Gel Fx Builder in a Bottle, among many others, introduced in 2018. On the other hand, dipping powders continue to enjoy popularity, although it is only restricted to North America, as the product type has not been well-received in other parts of the world. However, in 2018, dipping powders begin to lose luster in the presence of new poly-acrylics as marketers shift their focus on this new product format.

New Poly-acrylic Gels Introduced in 2018

Nail polishes and gels are the two-leading categories, collectively accounting for approximately 80% of the global professional nail care market sales in 2018, finds the Professional Nail Care: Global Market Brief report. While nail polishes continues to be the leading category, gels experiences a major slowdown—registering the least growth in 2018. Nail polishes, gels, and care products all lose market share to the rapidly expanding nail enhancements category in 2018. Nail polishes finally seem to be on the road to recovery with a sales gain across all regions, except for North America, where the category continues to lose sales in 2018.

In terms of regions, North America and Europe continue to be the two-leading regions, collectively representing approximately 70% of market sales in 2018. Among the major regions, Asia-Pacific experiences the strongest growth, growing at almost 8%, driven by niche and developing markets, such as Australia, India, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

For a more in-depth analysis on the market, please refer to our recently published report Professional Nail Care: Global Market Brief, which covers the trends and developments across four key categories—care products, gels, nail enhancements, and nail polishes—and five major regions—Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, North America, and Rest of World. The report also features an in-depth country analysis of eight major country markets—the United States, Brazil, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, China, and Japan.

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