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Professional Nail Care: Global Market Brief

Regional Coverage: Asia, Europe, North America

Base Year: 2021
Forecasts to 2026
Published: Q3 2022
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Base Year: 2022
Published: September 2023
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The report is a robust analysis of the global professional nail care market, focusing on key trends, developments, and business opportunities. The series includes a brief analysis on six markets—United States, France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, and Japan.


  • Provides a comprehensive analysis of the professional nail care market, covering
    • — Care products
    • — Gels
    • — Long-wear nail polishes
    • — Nail enhancements
    • — Traditional nail polishes
  • Excluded are related products such as artificial tips, accessories, drying equipment, implements, and nail polish removers.

Table of Contents


Global Executive Summary

    • Global market overview
    • Country performance
    • Category performance
    • Competitive landscape
    • Outlook to 2027 by:
      • — Region
      • — Product category

Market Snapshots: France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom, and the United States

  • Key trends and developments
  • Market size and growth (2019 to 2022) by:
    • — Product category by top 10 brands
    • — Product type
  • Competitive landscape (top 10 brands)
  • Outlook to 2027 by:
    • — Product category
Care products Nails and cuticle treatments
Washes, scrubs, and lotions
Gels Gel polishes
Soak-off gels
Long-wear nail polishes
Nail enhancements Acrylics
Builder in a bottle
Dipping powders
Other enhancements
Traditional nail polishes

Report Benefits

This report will provide subscribers with an analysis of industry trends and developments, market size and growth, and competitive forces for the global professional nail care market. It will also allow subscribers to:

  • Identify business opportunities and partnerships
  • Gain information to exploit business opportunities by understanding market growth and future trends
  • Get a perspective on the leading players, as well as the smaller, up-and-coming ones

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