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Naturals Make Waves in Canada

With interest in the market for natural personal care products growing in the United States, other countries, such as Canada, take note. To get a quick view of this market’s ins and outs, we talked to our expert, Alyssa Behrendt, who reveals some key highlights from our soon-to-be-published Canada volume of the Natural Personal Care report.

Transparency continues to be at the forefront of the natural movement as marketers continue to greenwash products. How do consumers in the market differentiate between truly natural and natural-inspired products?

A recent consumer survey conducted by Kline as part of the Natural Personal Care report reveals that consumers turn to product labeling claims to determine if a product is natural and ethically sourced. Some key claims include no animal cruelty and the percentage of natural ingredients used in products.

This preference drives the trend of ingredient transparency. Marketers such as The Ordinary and Dr. Bronner’s fully disclose ingredients. The Ordinary uses its straight-forward packaging to inform consumers of ingredients and their concentrations, while Dr. Bronner’s indicates its suppliers, as well as absorbed ingredients that cannot be traced after processing.

Independent brands native to Canada are making waves across all of North America. Can you name a few that stand out the most?

Makeup brands established in Canada include Ilia, Bite Beauty, and RMS Beauty, while some notable skin care brands include Skinfix and Ellie Bianca. Canadian marketers are not only following trends set by American brands but innovating in the space to provide the consumer with exciting, naturally positioned products that fit their lifestyle.

Cannabis has become a huge topic in the U.S. beauty market. How has this impacted Canada?

In October of 2018, Canada legalized marijuana nationwide, becoming only the second country in the world to do so. This legalization, coupled with the growing interest of consumers, inspires marketers to innovate in the beauty space. The trendy ingredient is infused into products across skin care such as facial moisturizers, oils, and hand and body lotions. New brands promoting a wellness-focused lifestyle enter the market, such as indie brand Deew Beauty, launching in February of 2018 and specializing in aromatherapy-inspired body crèmes.

What are some of the key topics covered in this newly added Canada volume of the Natural Personal Care report?

The report attempts to provide an in-depth understanding of the market, giving subscribers a solid view of the following:

  • Key players in the market and their drivers
  • Certifications and labelling that consumers look for
  • Key factors that would help users of non-natural products convert to naturally positioned brands and products
  • Key consumer trends and behaviors in terms of preference for degree of naturalness of a product and channels to shop for products
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