Natural and Clean Beauty Global Series: Market Analysis and Opportunities

Regional Coverage: Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America 

Published: January 2022
Base Year: 2021
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To be Published: Q1-Q2 2023
Base Year: 2022
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This report series contains an in-depth analysis of the dynamic market for naturally positioned, clean, and organic beauty and personal care products. It features a rating for brands’ true degrees of naturalness based on Kline’s proprietary rating scale, with an analysis of the market size and growth, key new launches and product trends, and retail outlet breakdowns.


  • Two key deliverables: an interactive online database and a written report
  • For this report, “natural” is defined as all brands that incorporate being natural or clean as a core element of its positioning
  • Brands promoting sustainability and eco-friendly claims without making ingredient claims are excluded from the report
  • This report uniquely separates the market into two distinct segments: truly natural products and those that are simply inspired by nature
  • Professional use (back-bar) products are excluded from the analysis
  • Products are reported at the retail sales level

Table of Contents


  • Scope
  • Sources and methods

Global Overview
This report is available to subscribers of the full series (Listed in Table 1) and includes:

  • Global review of the market
  • Market drivers and trends
  • Key takeaways
  • Top-line summaries of each region
  • Snapshots of leading competitors
  • Outlook to 2027

Market Overview

  • Market size and growth
  • Market drivers and trends
  • Sales by product class and product category (Listed in Table 2)
  • Natural ingredient rating analysis
  • Competitive landscape
  • Key and emerging brand snapshots
  • Retail landscape
  • Marketing initiatives
  • Notable sustainability activity
  • Outlook to 2026

Contents of Database 

Interactive database broken down by company, brand, product class, category, natural rating, and certified organic certification

United States​​​​
Deodorants and antiperspirants
Facial skin care
Hair care products​​​​
Hand and body lotions​​​​
Lip balms, jellies, and treatments​​​​
Oral care products​​​​
Personal cleansing products​​​​
All other skin care-a​​​​
Shaving products
a- Includes sun care, baby skin care products, and skin care for men

Report Benefits

This report serves as an excellent resource for manufacturers and formulators of natural personal care products. Specifically, it provides:

  • A highly reliable and independent assessment of the natural personal care market
  • An assessment of category and product trends as well as industry dynamics
  • Identification of potential acquisition targets

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