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Professional Skin Care: Facing the Future with Facts

As professional skin care outlets re-open across the country, we’re looking at what the future holds for themLockdown restrictions are now being easedbut the question remains: How will the market’s three pillarssalons and spas, physicians, and retail (namely, e-commerce)—re-emerge? 

After speaking with our partners, we’re sharing a few facts about the new normal: 

  1. Doctors will be seeing fewer patients on a daily basis and performing fewer procedures near-term. 
  2. Many doctors say they will only offer Botox until it is safe to perform procedures that exceed 15 minutes in the treatment room, including fillers and lasers. 
  3. Consumers are gravitating toward skin care, with some discovering professional products for the first time. 
  4. Spa services being offered vary by state and range from express facials to DIY take-home facial kits. This is the case in both Europe as well as the United States. 
  5. Medical spas and traditional day spas have reduced the duration of services such as facials and massages to limit time in the treatment room and allow for additional cleaning time between appointments.  
  6. There has been a seismic shift to e-commerce. Many players in the market have seen anywhere from 25% to 100% growth in their Internet business in April and May. 
  7. Virtual content has been a key initiative for professional skin care marketers, physicians, and estheticians.  
  8. With professional skin care outlets re-opening across the majority of countries in Europe in mid-Mayseveral marketers are offering virtual training and education to both doctors and consumers to engage with them. In addition, technology is expected to become important, enhancing social distancing/reducing touch elements via online check-in and more. 

Subscribers to our Professional Skin Care 2020: U.S. and Europe Market Assessment and Opportunities reports will be entitled to receive a mid-year update due in August. It will provide a glimpse of market performance through the first half of 2020 and highlight growth by channel through the end of the year. 

Our PhysicianDispensed Skin Care: Perception and Satisfaction Survey,  due in September, will be full of information on how doctors perceive the assistance that their skin care partners have provided to them during and after the COVID-19 pandemic as well as what their expectations are for the future in terms of overall revenues, the role of skin care, and shifts in the importance of attributes. 

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