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Effectiveness of U.S. Crop Protection Company Channel Incentives: An Overview and Analysis

Base Year: 2022
To be published: Q2 2022
Regional Coverage: United States

An appraisal and ranking of Crop Protection Supplier incentive programs. Understand their effectiveness and the potential payout for each of the three sales channels: distributors, retailers, and growers.


  • A detailed, independent overview and appraisal of the 2021 channel incentives offered by basic and generic pesticide suppliers ​​
  • Ranking of the top 10–12 Ag Chem suppliers, based on client input ​​
  • Research on programs that account for approximately 80% of sales volume​
  • Highlights of select products in 2022 with significant changes in price, supply, or programs​
  • Highlights of how suppliers are adjusting 2022 programs given the dynamic supply chain
  • Value of current programs will be shown through:​​
    • Cash cost
    • Percentage of sales represented by programs
  • Impact of industry consolidation on incentive programs
  • Programs detailed by target audience:
    • Distributor
    • Retailer
    • Grower


Report Contents


Supplier Ranking by Program Effectiveness

Sale and Program Splits by Company

  • Sales and Program Splits by Company
  • Total Sales by Supplier and Pesticide Type
  • Supplier Incentive Program Dollar by Pesticide Type
  • Supplier Program as a Percentage of Sales and Pesticide Type
  • Types of Distributor, Retailer, and Grower Programs by Select U.S. Crop Protection Suppliers

Descriptions and Examples of the Various Types of Programs

  • Distributors
    • What do the programs look like at the various levels?
    • How does the distributor’s headquarters interact/communicate with the field?
  • Dealer
  • Reseller (single step segments)
  • Grower

Value of Programs

  • Cash cost, percentage of sales represented by various programs shown by the manufacturer
  • Apparent effectiveness of existing programs
  • Attitudes toward programs by the target audience (likes, dislikes, and suggestions)

Management of Programs by Channel Members

  • Tracking system employed
  • Personnel employed for managing programs
  • Communications

Effects on 2022 Programs

Impact of the Current Ag Economy on Incentive Programs ​

Supplier Incentive Details by Supplier

Report Benefits

This report serves as an excellent resource for crop protection manufacturers for developing and executing distributor, retailer, and grower incentive plans, providing:

  • A highly reliable and independent assessment of competitive incentive programs of the major crop protection suppliers
  • An assessment of likes, dislikes, and suggestions relating to current crop protection incentive plans to help marketers increase the effectiveness of their programs
  • Assistance for manufacturers in planning future incentive programs in the highly competitive marketplace

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