Global Business Outlook for Brightstocks

Regional Coverage: Asia-Pacific, North America, South America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East

Base Year: 2020
Published: Q1 2021

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Base Year: 2022
Published: April 2023

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The supply of brightstocks continues to dwindle due to Group I plant closures driven by capacity overhang, technical obsolescence, and refiners’ recent pursuit of sustainability goals. Moreover, various substitutes such as Group II brightstocks and PIB are emerging. This report will focus on key trends, developments, challenges, and business opportunities in the global brightstock market.


  • Current and forecast demand for brightstocks
    • — By application
    • — By region
    • — By brightstock type*
  • Current and forecast supply for brightstocks
    • — By supplier
    • — By region
    • — By brightstock type*

*Includes conventional Group I brightstocks, naphthenic brightstocks, and alternate brightstocks (Group II)

  • Potential shortfalls in the brightstock market
  • Potential substitutes for brightstocks in various applications
  • A comparative assessment of technical and economic feasibility of substitution by various alternatives

Includes an Excel-based supply-demand model

Table of Contents


Executive Summary

An overview of the report findings, plus a forecast based on Kline’s FutureView Forecasting Model

Current and Forecast Demand

  • Current formulation approaches and brightstock demand by lubricant product
  • Demand by application and region
  • Lubricant demand outlook and changes in formulation
  • Brightstock demand outlook by application, region, and brightstock type

Current and Forecast Supply

  • Current brightstock supply by brightstock type, region, and producer
  • Anticipated changes in brightstock capacity and resultant brightstock supply by brightstock type, region, and producer
  • A discussion on market trends shaping brightstock capacity

Supply-Demand Balance

  • Current and projected supply-demand balance by region and brightstock type

Substitute Products

Supply and availability of different substitutes, their technical performance and pricing vis-à-vis brightstocks

  • Polyalphaolefins (PAO)
  • Polyisobutylenes (PIB)
  • Polyalkylene glycols (PAG)

Market Evaluation and Outlook

  • Business outlook, opportunities, and challenges for brightstock suppliers and blenders
  • Barriers for entry for substitutes

Supplier Profiles

  • A brief profile of key brightstock suppliers (listed in table 1)
Ergon PBF Energy
HollyFrontier Petrobras
IRPC Shell
Luberef CEPSA

Forecast period: 2022 to 2032

Subscriber Benefits

This syndicated study is designed to provide an objective and thorough analysis of brightstock supply and demand, the emerging supply gap, and potential substitutes. Subscribers will be able to identify potential market opportunities and threats. The study also:

  • Serves as a useful tool to quickly learn the dynamics of brightstock market and assists in making business decisions
  • Offers valuable insights and information on business opportunities and threats
  • Helps subscribers recognize the likely shortfall in brightstock supply and identify suitable options to make up for the shortfall

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