Impact of COVID-19 on the Global Professional Skin Care

Impact of COVID-19 on the Global Professional Skin Care Market

Base Year: 2019
Published: March 2020
Regional Coverage: China, Europe, and the United States

A special report from Kline’s Professional Skin Care team, with scenario forecasts that predict the possible impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global markets for this industry.​


  • Beauty institutes and salons​
  • Medical care providers​
  • Retail
  • Spas and salons
  • Scenario forecasts (worst case, likely case, best case) from 2019 through 2024 by channel and by geography

Table of Contents


  • Scope​
  • Assumptions​
  • Sources and methods

Overall Market Forecast

  • The situation
  • Revised forecast sales for 2019-2024 by region/country and by channel (as shown in Table 1) compared to forecast published in December 2019
  • Historical growth during and after last recession by region/country

Forecasts by Region/Country

2019-2024 forecasts (worst, likely, best) for each of the markets we cover plus coordinating channel forecast​

For Europe, forecasts are also provided by individual country for the U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, and Russia based on the worst, likely and best-case scenarios for 2019-2024.

  • Beauty institutes and spas
  • Medical care providers
  • Retail
  • Beauty institutes and salons
  • Medical care providers
  • Retail
  • Spas
  • Medical care providers
  • Retail
  • Spas and salons

Report Benefits

This report serves as an excellent resource for marketers and retailers of professional skin care products. Specifically, it provides:


  • Actionable forecasts on the potential impact of COVID-19 for each market covered in our professional skin care report series
  • Data on market performance during the last recession
  • Expert commentary on expected performance by channel

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